Founded in 2007, RepExact is a Manufacturers' Representative organization specializing in helping medical device and life sciences customers find a top-quality manufacturer for their challenging mechanical component. Most inquiries have already tried and failed to have the part(s) made by their usual suppliers to the required specifications and consistency.

While we mainly refer mechanical components, these can include items ancillary to microelectronic devices such as housings, optics, fluidic channels, connectors, etc.  

RepExact is owned by Larry Kaufmann, a Swiss/American dual national with a graduate business degree and 35 years of hands-on and managerial experience in the development/marketing and consultative selling of technical products. He is fluent in German and conversational in French and Italian, an asset in dealing with European suppliers.      

For reasons of focus, all of our suppliers  have always been located in North America or Europe. This makes us the ideal partner if you are looking to reshore or euro-shore some of your Asian production.

Even within a given manufacturing technology (machining, molding, laser, etc.), we find that our customers' requirements are usually so specific and unique that no one supplier can meet every challenge. For this reason, rather than having a small number of exclusive representations, we work with a large number of partners on an account by account basis. This allows us to select the manufacturer with the most appropriate equipment and skills to make your component.

RepExact refers all kinds of manufacturing technologies, and has customers requiring specialty prototyping to hundreds of millions of parts.

You send us your print and pertinent information, and we introduce you to a suitable manufacturer for quoting. You deal directly with them, and we stay in the loop to make sure that information is flowing. We are paid by the supplier and do not charge any mark-up or fees. We are happy to sign your NDA.

You may find some of the articles posted on our Home page informative.

While our core focus is on the medical device and life sciences industries, we also happily serve other customers that might have requirements for challenging small/precise components, such as aerospace/defense, consumer products, etc.   

Contact us with your small precision component challenges:  Call 980-329-1688 or EMAIL:  . We are in the Eastern time zone.
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