Other Manufacturers

All kinds of custom precision component manufacturing

In addition to our formal representations, RepExact® maintains on-demand relationships with well over a hundred other specialty precision custom component manufacturers, covering just about any requirement of the markets we serve. We evaluate your design and needs, and introduce you to a manufacturer suited to your project. From prototyping to high volume production - we have you covered!

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Just a Few Examples:

Prototype machining down to Nano sizes, including optical, MEMS, and electronics components

Precision milling and Swiss-style turning, including implantables, down to micro sizes, at all volume levels

Precision technical polymer injection and insert molding, including gears and optical components

Chemical etching and milling

Instrument components from Carbon Fiber Reinforced Plastics (CFRP) including PEEK

Precision machining of technical polymers including PEEK and glass/fiber reinforced formulations - if required 100% dry

Wire and sinker (plunger) EDM down to micro sizes

CNC precision grinding of burs, rasps, reamers, bits, etc. for orthopeadic and other surgical instruments

Springs, stampings, wire forms

Swiss style micro turning of parts from wire stock, down to 0.2mm (0.008") diameter

Machining of ultra hard materials such as ceramics, carbide, sapphire, and ruby

Electrodeposition, electroforming

Centerless grinding of rod and wire

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