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Micro Waterjet®

Micro abrasive waterjet cutting

Precision cutting of a wide variety of flat materials, with no heat affects, no slag, minimal bur, down to 0.008" (200 µm) width. Tolerance +/- 10 µm (0.0004"). ISO 9001. Prototypes to mid volumes.

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ISO 9001 certified Micro Waterjet® LLC of Huntersville, NC machines precise custom components from sheet stock, using specialized abrasive water jet cutting equipment developed and manufactured by its parent company in Switzerland. The equipment can make cuts as narrow as 200 µm (0.008"), with a cutting accuracy of 10 µm (0.0004").

The main advantages of Micro Waterjet® technology are no Heat Affected Zones (HAZ), low process forces, and low thermal stress. It can cut a wide variety of materials such as metals, plastics, and rubber. Employing a sacrificial plate underneath, very thin materials can be cut. Micro Waterjet® exels at cutting materials such as Teflon®, Nitinol, Titanium, Stainless, and Composites.

Micro Waterjet® complements other 2D processes such as wire EDM, chemical etching, and laser cutting, where those technologies do not work well for a specific material, geometry, or application. Micro Waterjet® is not generally less expensive than other manufacturing methods, with the exception of wire EDM when cutting single parts having multiple internal features.

With low setup costs, the process is suitable for prototyping to low volume production quantities.


Huntersville, NC (near Charlotte)


Precision abrasive water jet cutting using proprietary technology.


Manufacturing complex, high precision components from flat stock - often parts that cannot be made using wire EDM or laser technology.


ISO 9001 (download .pdf certificate)

Equipment List

2x Micro Waterjet® cutting systems; machine shop for performing secondary operations and manufacturing custom fixturing assemblies.


A2 Tool Steel (pre hardening), Acetal (POM, Delrin®), Beryllium Cu, Beryllium Ni, Brass, Carbon Fiber, Felt, Inconel, Kapton, Miro Silver, Most Ceramics, Nickel, Nitinol, PEEK, Phosphor Bronze, Hiperco-50, Polycarbonate, Precious Metals, PTFE (Teflon®), Radel®, Rubber (including Silicone and Neoprene), Stainless, Tantalum, Ultem®, Vespel®, and many more - subject to testing.

Unsuitable Materials

Acrylics, Glass (suitable in some cases), Carbide, Diamond, Silicon, Silicon Carbide.

Preferred Run Volumes

Prototypes to hundreds.

Preferred CAD Formats

.dxf / .dwg / .igs (can also work from other formats)

Advantages/Disadvantages vs. Laser Technology

+ No heat-affected zones (HAZ), no effect on hardened steels

+ No melting of plastics

+ No slag, minimal burs

+ Can cut Polycarbonate

- Not suitable for Acrylics, Silicon, or Carbide

Advantages/Disadvantages vs. Wire EDM Technology

+ Cuts non-conductive materials such as plastics

+ No heat-affected zones (HAZ), no effect on hardened steels

+ Easier/faster starting of holes - suitable for components with multiple holes

+ No slag, minimal burs

+ Faster cutting speed

- Some draft at increasing thicknesses

- Limited ability to reduce costs by stacking parts

Maximum Sheet Stock Dimension

600 x 1'000 mm (just under 24" x 40")

Maximum Material Thickness

Varies widely with material - some draft at increasing thicknesses.

Minimum Tolerances Achievable

Cutting Accuracy: 10 µm (0.4 thous)

Positioning Accuracy: 3 µm (0.12 thous)

Minimum Width of Cut (Kerf): Down to 200 µm (8 thous) - 300 µm (12 thous) is standard (faster)

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