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Gateway Laser Services

Laser Micro Machining

Laser drilling, cutting, welding, etching/marking of highly precise, tight tolerance components. Variety of metallic and non-metallic materials - polymers a specialty. Prototypes to mid volumes.

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Gateway is a leader in the field of precision micro machining. It specializes in the processing of highly precise components requiring extremely close tolerances, such as micro holes for catheters, flow orifices, micro filters, masks, grids, gaskets, channels, flex circuits, epoxy preforms, piezo electronics, micro wire stripping, marking, etching, etc.

It is located in the St. Louis MO area, permitting efficient servicing of customers across the US.

Gateway Laser Services uses customized equipment operating in five different wavelengths in the IR, Green, and UV spectrums, and is accustomed to solving challenging applications. Eximer UV technology allows material ablation (shaving) of polymer materials in single micron (0.00004") increments.

With low setup costs, the process is suitable for prototyping to mid volume production quantities.


Maryland Heights, MO (near St. Louis)


Precision laser micro machining of metals, ceramics, and plastics.


Producing features in the single-digit micron range in thin polymer materials, using Excimer and other UV equipment.


IR, Green (YAG), UV (YAG), UV (Excimer) laser equipment with custom modifications and accessories. Extensive QA facilities.


Most metals and alloys, Alumina ceramics/ruby/sapphire, Silicon wafers, PZT, Diamond/carbon
Polymers including: Polyimides, PEEK, Silicones, Thin films, Ultem®, Mylar®, Pebax, PMMA, Epoxy preforms, Polyurethane, PET

Unsuitable Materials

Glass, Quartz, Teflon®


Catheters, implants, micro-filters, flow orifices, micro holes, masks, gaskets, micro channels, via drilling, patterning, tubular & cylindrical parts, flex circuits, micro washers, piezo electronics, stripping of polymer layers from metals and ceramics, etc.

Preferred Run Volumes

Prototypes to high volumes - facilitated by multiple shifts.

Preferred CAD Formats

.dxf / .dwg for AutoCAD, .pdf for quoting purposes


Drilling, welding, cutting, ablation (marking/etching)

Maximum Sheet Stock Dimension

24" x 24"

Minimum/Maximum Material Thickness

Varies with material - the thinner the better for precision cutting. Conical draft of about 2 degrees.

Minimum Tolerances Achievable

from +/- 25 µm (0.001") down to +/- 2 µm (0.00008") or better, depending on equipment, material, and application.

Typical Industries Served

Diagnostics/microfluidics, Medical devices, Electronics, Aerospace/defense, micro-industrial, etc.

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