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ISO 13485 certified metal and ceramics injection molder. In-house mold making, machining of near net shapes and green ceramics, custom alloy development, engineering/ support, assembly. Development to high volumes.

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ISO 13485 certified Britt Manufacturing Company, a member of Greene Group, is a leading Michigan-based innovator in powder injection molding (PIM). Its diversified customer base includes an established presence in medical device and life science components, which together account for about 80% of its business. Britt Manufacturing has over 100 employees working in 50,000 ft2 of production space.

As with injection molding of polymers, MIM and CIM are mainly suitable for volume manufacturing due to the necessary investment in tooling. Britt Manufacturing offers project assistance from development of validation samples to volume production. If short lead times are critical, hybrids can often be made (components that are machined at a near net “green” stage prior to de-binding and sintering).

Primary Processes: Metal and ceramic powder injection molding, heat treat of stainless

Secondary Processes: Machining, coining, finishing, assembly, tap, ream (nearby partners are available for many other processes)

Certifications: ISO 9001, ISO 13485

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Max/Min Part Sizes: Approx. 100 grams down to 0.0015 grams

Suitable Volumes: Development runs to millions - tens of thousands pa is typical

Standard Materials: Metals: MIM 17-4PH (optimal for MIM - hardenable and corrosion resistant), MIM 420W, MIM 316L, MIM FN02, MIM Ti 6-4, MIM Copper
Ceramics: MIM TZP-A, MIM AO-F

Custom Materials: Development of custom MIM and CIM alloys to customer requirements is a Britt specialty

Applications: Instrument components, implants, device components, electronic housings and connectors, etc.

Preferred CAD Format: SolidWorks®, but other formats can usually be accommodated

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