RepExact maintains on-demand Relationships with over a hundred specialty precision component manufacturers. We review your requirements, and refer you to a suitable domestic or European shop. We are paid by the supplier.

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CONTACT US TO SOURCE CUSTOM PRECISION COMPONENTS. Please provide a print, your volume requirements, and your target price if known. Happy to sign your NDA.


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RepExact Manufacturers's Representatives is your manufacturing source for precision and micro components used in medical technology, laboratory science, aerospace, and defense applications.

Our principals and other suppliers are located in Europe and North America. RepExact serves OEMs, medical and laboratory device developers, and contract engineers/manufacturers across North America.

Through our principals, as well as from our network of hundreds of contacts, RepExact locates the most suitable manufacturer for the custom precision, micro, MEMS, or nano components and parts your project requires. From prototypes through small and medium to large volumes, we recommend the right partner for the job.

RepExact sources are dedicated to manufacturing top quality precision and micro components. With the needs in the medical, lab, aerospace and defense industries demanding increasingly innovative solutions with regard to materials, size, and precision, these niche manufacturers play a vital role.

No matter what the manufacturing technology or material - if it needs to be precise and/or small, RepExact knows who can make it. Engineering/development assistance and assembly/packaging are also available. Besides providing the highest-quality solution, we can usually also save you money - especially on prototype quantities and shorter runs where efficient set-up is more important than scale. Production processes are constantly evolving.

Using the most efficient and innovative supplier for your components keeps you ahead of competition.